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i dont have any idea, about my self


going Xplode!

hello.. how are you guys?? are you okey?
oh,, do you know something that recently make my brain going to explode? I almost try to kill my self!! Hmm,, not really like that but I mean I really want to die cause of that suck thing have been ruin my self and my life!
I'm so DESPERATE guys!!
What is that?? That is..........jeng jeng jeng....
*my mid test :(

Going Crazy!

*my assignment :@

*my experiment's report >,<

*my boyfriend -_____-!
oh HIM!

Hmm,, oke, my mid test. I think I don't do it as well as I can. Hmm.. the truth is I didn't understand what i have been learn for almost 2 mounts in this semester! for all of "mata kuliah" (i dont know the English for mata kuliah hehe :D ). Oh I'm really going to crazy when the mid test is coming.

And you know, when we will face some test, i think the lecturers have been make some deal to give us more assignment that must be collected before the test. Yeah, it make me more feel like in under pressure when the test is coming! It's not stopping yet! I still have to do some "praktikum" even in the mid test week! And I have to finish the reports!! What I have to do first, study, make my assignment, or finish my report? Actually, I don't have any idea! BLANK! I raise my hand to the camera and say "I'm give up"! (like in "uji nyali" :D). And that all suck things were completed by my boyfriend! I wont say anything about it, but the important is, because of him, my suffering is completed!! And BINGGO.. I'M EXPLODED!