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i dont have any idea, about my self



Tonight, I can’t close my eyes  again
 I don’t know exactly what the reason
I just can’t stop my mind to think, and to remember
It’s almost about him
Oh no, it’s all about him
Oh God, he always stag on my mind!
That’s why I hate him so much!
As much as i love him


But I think,
He doesn’t loves me as much as I love him
He doesn’t respects to me as much as I respect to him
He doesn’t fight for me as hard as my fight for him
In this our way, I feel so loneliness
Loving ang fighting alone

I do everything for him, but he’s not
I give averything for him. but he’s not
I fight anything for him, but he’s not do the same for me

I’m so alonely. Do you know that?
It’s so painfull, It’s broke my fragile heart, It’s so make me hurt

What should i do? I don’t know anyway
If i can, I really want throw him away from my mind, my heart even my life
I wish i can do that, so this pain will be end forever, and this tears will stop to drop avery night
But, it’s just a dream

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